2018 Arts and Arms of the Samurai – Minneapolis, MN Japanese Sword Show

“The Arts and Arms of the Samurai”

Minneapolis, MN Japanese Sword Show
October 19, 20, 21 – 2018

 The event will be held at the

Crown Plaza Hotel and Suites

Minneapolis/St. Paul
Airport – Mall of America
3 Appletree Square (I – 494 & 34th Avenue South)
Bloomington, MN 55425

Local Contact Number: 1-952-854-9000
Toll Free:


The event will promote the Arts and Arms of the Samurai.  In addition to the displays, there will be various lectures and demonstrations of traditional arts and crafts.

Saturday Lecture by Mr. Saulius Ploplys – Deadly Science: Notable Aspects of Japanese Sword Design (the physics behind the Japanese Sword)

Sales Room:

There is a 5000 sqare foot sales room where national and international vendors will be selling swords, sword fittings, armor, Japanese antiques, calligraphy, books, and similar items.

Sales table reservations can be made by contacting the individual below.  There are a total of 90 – 6-foot sales tables available. Table rates are $145 per table with 2 passes per Dealer.  (Additional Passes are $35).
Please call or email for special rates if you will be reserving 3 or more tables.

For Further Information and table reservations/details contact:
Larry Klahn
123 6th St. South, La Crosse, WI 54601

Online table reservations: http://www.threeriversmartialarts.com/trmaa/2018-minneapolis-sword-show/
Make all checks payable to Larry Klahn.

Dealers are asked to exhibit primarily (80%) Japanese Swords and related items.
No modern firearms. (Nothing that can chamber a cartridge)
No live ordinance.

General Public: Bring your Japanese, German and US items to sell or for a free appraisal


Show Times:

Friday – Dealer set-up 9 am – 12 noon                                                          Show Hours: 12 noon – 9 pm.

Saturday – Dealer set-up 8 am – 9am.                                                           Show Hours: 9 am to 9 pm.

Sunday – Dealer set-up 8 am – 9 am.                                                                Show Hours: 9 am – 3 pm.


Sales Room General Admission: $10.00 per day.  3-day pass is $25.00

Promotion of Event:

This event will be heavily advertised in Social Media, Regional Newsletters, Press Releases, National and International Military and Sword Collecting Clubs/Societies News Letters, Newspapers and Antique Arms Collecting Groups.

Hotel Info:

Reservations: (1-952-854-9000) Toll Free: 1-800-227-6963. The show receives a special room rate of $99/ night single or double occupancy. In order to get this special room, rate you must reserve your room no later than October 10, 2018. When calling in use group code – AAS – Arts, Arms, Samurai

Online reservations: Go to http://www.threeriversmartialarts.com/trmaa/2018minneapolis-sword-show/
and follow the directions          




Registration and General Liability Release Form

 Table Registration

Name (print)___________­­­­_______________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________ 

City:_________________ State:______ PH: ________________________

Cell: _____________________Email: _____________________________  

­­­­­­­­­­­­Signature: ____________________________   Date: _________________


1 or 2 tables – $145.00 each. Add a 3rd table for $85.00. Add a 4th table for $55.00                                  

If you reserve 5 tables the 5th table is free.

Number of tables:_____ Amount Paid:_______


  1. I hereby personally assume all risks in connection with my participation in any and all events associated with the 2018 Arts and Arms of the Samurai Show and hold harmless its promoters, operators, agents, employees and volunteers. I release the aforementioned from any injury or damage, to either person or property, which may result from my participation in any part of the 2018 Arts and Arms of the Samurai.
  2. I further agree that I and I alone am legally responsible for any damage that I may cause to any property while participating in any part of the 2018 Arts and Arms of the Samurai and that I will be financial responsibility for any such damage.

       I accept without reservations the conditions set forth in this document.


Name (print) ____________________________________________          

Address: _______________________________________________  


Cell:___________________  Email:__________________________