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About Us

Three Rivers Martial Arts Academy is a traditional self defense academy. As a member you may attend all or any of the classes offered.

We hold classes in Tae Kwon-Do (Chung Do Kwan system), Judo, and Hapkido. We train in the use of the 5 Traditional Okinawan weapons, and upon the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt the use of the live Japanese Sword.

We have a specialized 8-week program for women called W.I.S.E. – Women Initiating Safe Environments . We have over 5,000 graduates from this program with 34 documented saves. This program runs quarterly.

If you are looking Self Defense training come in, watch a few classes and sign up. It’ll be the best thing you ever did for yourself.




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Three Rivers Martial Arts Academy 

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Phone 608-784-9900


Three Rivers Martial Arts Academy is open every day except Sunday.