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Buying and Collecting Military items of all countries, eras and types.



Larry Klahn has been an avid collector of antique military items for over 30 years. 


He began to collect antique Japanese Swords due to the use of the Japanese Sword and related items being taught here at Three Rivers Martial Arts Academy.  He then expanded his interests into other areas and countries.


The Military of our nation and other nations represent a very tangible link to the Martial Arts practices and origins of centuries ago. The codes of Bushido of the Samurai and the Hwarangdo as well as the Knights of Europe were the foundation of the code of ethics of our combatants in the US Armed Forces today.


Mr. Klahn’s interests are not just in the items carried, worn and used in the various Military organizations, but when ever possible he interviews veterans to gain more insight into the experiences both good and bad of our fighting men and women.


The Martial Arts and the Military are inexorably tied and woven together throughout time and Mr. Klahn sees his collecting as a way of not only preserving the items of the past but of preserving history.




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