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TRANSLATION: tae (跆) means to kick or strike with the foot”; kwon (拳) denotes the “fist, to strike or punch”; and do (道) means “art or way “

Land of Origin: Korea

Information:  TaeKwon-Do is the technique of unarmed combat for self-defense involving the skilled application of punches, flying kicks, dodges, and interceptions with the hands, arms, and feet in order to effectuate the rapid destruction of an opponent.



TRANSLATION: 柔道, jūdō, meaning “gentle way”

Land of Origin: Japan

Information: Judo was founded in 1882 by Professor Jigoro Kano. Judo utilizes the techniques of throwing, pinning, grappling, choking, and arm bars. Judo was introduced to the U.S. in 1902 and is an Olympic event.



TRANSLATION: hap means “coordinated” or “joining”; ki describes internal energy, spirit, strength, or power; and do means “art” or “way”

Land of Origin: Korea

Information: Joint manipulation. Hapki-Do is the art of bringing together energy. It is distinguished by three essential techniques: passivity  when opposing force, countering and attacking with circular movements, and absolute penetration of an opponent’s defenses the “wake” (water) principle. For example, if an attack is strong, one must receive it gently. Likewise, if the attack is gentle, one must counter powerfully. This complementary manner of reacting establishes a perpetual liquid rhythm as well as constant mobility – the hallmark of Hapki-Do.



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